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Introduction: Fast advancing medical technology has made organ donation and transplantation possible. With an alarming increase in non-communicable diseases, organ transplantation is undoubtedly a boon to humanity, which is possible only with organ donation. There is always an ever-increasing demand for organs globally. Adolescents who possess adequate knowledge and attitude on organ donation are more likely to discuss with their families about the willingness to donate their organs. The study was undertaken to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding organ donation among college students. Objectives: The objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge on organ donation, to assess the attitude regarding organ donation, to correlate the knowledge and attitude on organ donation, and to associate the knowledge and attitude regarding organ donation with selected demographic variables. Materials and methods: The study was a descriptive one, conducted among 250 college students. Data collection was performed after establishing the validity and reliability of research tool and obtaining necessary approvals and consent. Conclusion: In the study, it was found that 14.4% of the study participants had adequate knowledge on organ donation, 75.6% had moderate knowledge and 10% had inadequate knowledge. With regard to the attitude of the participants, 17.2% of them had favourable attitude, 72.4% moderately favourable attitude, and 10.4 % unfavourable attitude towards organ donation. Knowledge on organ donation was moderate. The attitude towards organ donation is moderately favourable. Knowledge and attitude regarding organ donation is not adequate enough to promote the same.

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