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Introduction: According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO) on the state of international organ trade (2017), the donation rate in India is 0.5 per million populations, very low compared with other countries. There is a need for improving the knowledge and attitude of the community to attract more people towards organ donation. Objectives: The objectives were to evaluate the effect of structured enlightenment program on knowledge and attitude and to determine the correlation between them among college students. Methods: In phase I, a descriptive cross-sectional design and in Phase II a quasi-experimental one group pre-test post-test designs were used. In Phase I, 200 college students aged 18 to 20 years were selected using multistage sampling from two colleges. The tools used were socio-personal data sheet, knowledge questionnaire and an attitude scale. A structured enlightenment program regarding organ donation was provided for the college students who had low scores (n=148). The post-test was done on the 12th day. Results: The findings of the Phase I revealed that 23.5% had poor knowledge and 89% had more favourable attitude regarding organ donation. In phase II (n=148) the mean knowledge score of 14.11 in the pre-test increased to 21.43 in the post-test. This increase was statistically significant. The mean attitude score of 50.59 in the pre-test increased to 56.02 in the post-test, which was significant at .001 levels. There was no statistically significant correlation between knowledge and attitude regarding organ donation (r= +0.02). Conclusion: The structured enlightenment program was effective in enhancing knowledge and creating favourable attitude regarding organ donation among college students.

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