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Background: A thorough clinical assessment is the initial step to be done by the the nurses in order to provide quality care. The more precise the assessment, the more accurate the interventions are going to be. Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the effect of a structured training program on comprehensive neuro system assessment among registered nurses. Materials and methods: This pre-test post-test research design was carried out among a convenient sample of 83 registered nurses. Data was collected before and after the training program, using a semi structured questionnaire prepared by the researcher assessing knowledge on various aspects of neuro assessment like consciousness, orientation, memory, cognition, mental status, motor, sensory, and reflex assessment. The training program was developed and validated by the researcher before it was implemented. Date was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: The study has shown that structured training program has improved the graduate nurse’s knowledge. The entire pre-test knowledge mean score out of 20 was 12.7 with a standard deviation of 2.56. The post-test knowledge mean score was 17.41 with a standard deviation of 1.97.Conclusion: The study has shown that structured training program was effective in improving the knowledge of graduate nurses. There should be provision of in-service education for nursing personnel to update their knowledge, so that they can enhance their assessment skills for quality care.

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