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Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder. A change in lifestyle helps to control diabetes. Objectives: To find the knowledge and attitude on lifestyle modification among patients with newly diagnosed diabetes and effectiveness of health promotion program. Material and methods: Pre-experimental one group pretest, post-test designs are adopted and purposive sampling techniques are used to select 30 newly diagnosed diabetic patients. The knowledge and attitude on lifestyle modification among diabetic patient was assessed by using structured questionnaire. Then the health promotion program was given after pre-test and post-test was carried out after two weeks (during next follow up). Results were analyzed using paired ‘t’ test. Results: Finding of the study showed that the pre-test mean value for levels of knowledge was 15.8 and post-test mean value was 32. The mean difference was 16.2. The computed ‘t’ value (‘t’=14) was higher than the table value (3.66) at p

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