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Stroke is the third biggest reason for mortality and has a massive emotional effect on clients and the members of their family. Depression is a debilitative complication of stroke, with repeated occurrences of depressive ailments after the stroke. Prevalence of post-stroke depression (PSD) has always remained unknown and is a disabling entity among the stroke survivors. Objective: The aim of this narrative review is to determine the prevalence of depression among post-stroke survivors. Methods: A comprehensive literature search was made in the following databases such as the Web of Science, PubMed-Medline, CINAHL, Scopus, J gate, and IndMED for studies between 2005 and 2016, which provided the prevalence data for depression among post-stroke survivors. Results: The number of hits from the database search comprised 1,243 studies, out of which nine studies were included in this review. It was found that there were disparities in the prevalence among the different studies. Conclusion: PSD is an emotional disorder that usually affects patients with stroke. The study of the prevalence of PSD at an initial stage is very essential for its timely treatment to enhance the results of the rehabilitative process of stroke patients. This narrative review provides a clear estimate of the burden of depression in South Asian Region among post-stroke survivors.

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