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Burns are common childhood injuries among children, mainly caused by scald, fire or abuse. The authors presented the case of a one-year child who presented with second degree thermal burns due to fall of hot liquid on the child. Most of the burn injuries, which occur in the early ages of life, are mostly due to the negligence or lack of supervision of the child during the growing period. So, proper management of burn injury and adequate education of parents should be considered as an important aspect in prevention of burns in children. Further, the classification of burns injury helps in deciding treatment of burns. Management of burns in children is a teamwork, which involves expertise from of paediatricians, anaesthesiologists, surgeons, intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists and healthcare workers who can help these vulnerable children. Survival rates among the burns affected children improve when there is correct fluid management. The purpose of fluid management is to have a good perfusion of tissues in the beginning of shock

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