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Background: The idea of adolescent well-being is getting importance all around the world and thus there is a lack of national investigations to survey the factors on the dietary pattern of young girls in suburban regions. Aim: The objective of the study is to explore the social determinants of adolescent girls’ dietary pattern in suburban areas of Chennai. Design: The phenomenological design was used to explore the social determinants of adolescent girl’s nutritional intake. The study population consisted of adolescent girls, who were in the age group of 15-18 years in suburban areas of Chennai. The tool had two sections: Areas of exploration and indicative questions. The total sample size was 19 with three focus group discussions (FGDs). Thematic analysis was used to explore the social determinants. Results: The four main categories were identified from the adolescent girl’s point of view in terms of social determinants. It consisted of father and mother (as individual determinants), family (merged determinants of father and mother) and related society. The major themes were knowledge and interest in cooking, tiredness and lack of time of mother, alcoholism, ill health of a family member, the purchasing power of the family, friends circle, agriculture, seasonal variation, and urbanization. Conclusion: Closing the gaps, both in research and in action, would profit the society in general, resulting in enhanced wellbeing and health of adolescent girls and help in harnessing their full physical and mental potential for overall improvement of the population

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