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Introduction: The experience of pregnancy is individualistic and an important experience for a woman. The process of child birth is viewed as a rebirth of the woman, because of the very fact that the period of pregnancy, child birth and puerperium, which show a very normal course till that time, may suddenly turn in to life threatening situations called obstetrical emergencies. These conditions endanger the life of both the mother and the baby. Hence, it is the bound duty of all the obstetrical care providers to give due concentration in identifying the emergency conditions and safe guarding the life of the mother and her unborn baby. Methodology: Quasi experimental design was chosen for conducting the study. Study sample comprised of 60 nurses working in maternity units selected by using purposive sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was developed and used to collect the data from the subjects. Structured teaching program was implemented to improve the knowledge of the staff nurses. Results: Findings of the study revealed that 47 (78%) of the subjects had inadequate knowledge with regard to obstetrical emergencies. The mean post-test knowledge scores of the subjects (x̅=29.9) was higher than the mean pre-test knowledge scores (x̅ =18.9 ). The obtained ‘t’ value (t =13.5) was significant at 0.05 level of significance. This indicated that the teaching program had a significant impact in improving the knowledge of the nurses with regards to obstetrical emergencies. Association was not significant between age, education, experience, previous knowledge on obstetrical emergencies and the post-test mean knowledge scores of the subjects. Conclusion: It was concluded that the knowledge of nurses on obstetrical emergencies was inadequate. The structured teaching program helped them to improve their knowledge.

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