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Background: Among the bacterial infections, urinary tract infection (UTI) is commonly diagnosed among the children. Although there is a variety of research on diagnosis and treatment of UTI, still the clinician faces many challenges in day-to-day care of the children. Studies have reported that the incidence of UTI is highest among the first year of life and decreases in the later life. The appropriate interventions to diagnose and manage the UTIs are important to reduce them among children. Purpose: The purpose of this systematic review is to identify the interventions to reduce UTIs among hospitalized children. Data sources: The electronic databases of PubMed, CINHAL and Scopus were searched in January 2017. Study selection: All quantitative studies published in English, whose aim was regarding the care of urinary catheters among hospitalized children were included. Interventional studies with at least catheter associated UTI as an outcome were included in the review. Data extraction: Two authors reviewed the study design, participant and intervention details, outcomes, and quality measures of the articles. Data synthesis: The review included 245 articles (PubMed= 224, CINHAL= 11, Scopus=10). Twenty seven of these articles were present in multiple databases, so their removal meant that 216 unique studies were identified in the search. Each of the articles was independently screened for titles and abstracts of 216 studies. Among these, 166 articles were excluded for various reasons. Hence, the full text of 50 articles was assessed for eligibility. From these, 36 articles were excluded due to lack of resonance with the subject matter. The remaining 14 articles were finally included. Conclusion: Various practices are followed by health care professionals such as hand hygiene, limiting the use of catheters, managing incontinence and sterile techniques during insertion of the catheter

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