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Stress during pregnancy affects both mother and foetus resulting in unfavourable pregnancy outcomes. Studies regarding the factors linked with increased stress during pregnancy aids to improve the mental status of the mother during gestation and can lead to a reduction in negative pregnancy outcomes. The objective of the study was to identify spousal factors associated with antenatal psychosocial stress among pregnant women seeking prenatal care from a teaching hospital at the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. Methods: Case control design was used for the study. The tools used for data collection were the Antenatal Psychosocial Stress scale (APSS) and a semi-structured interview schedule for the assessment of spousal factors. APSS score was used to categorize cases and controls. The study was conducted in a tertiary level hospital at the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. The sample consisted of women at the gestational age of 20-24 weeks attending the antenatal clinic. The sample included 19 cases and 72 controls and they were selected in the case control ratio of 1:4. The findings of the study showed that 16.5% had moderate and 4.4 % had severe stress. The low educational level of husband [odds ratio (OR) 5.556 (CI 1.862 – 16.577), alcoholism of husband [OR 8.357 (CI 2.539 – 27.502)] and presence of domestic violence [OR 6.185(CI 1.64 – 23.318)] were the factors significantly linked with high antenatal stress. Low educational level and alcoholism were the significantly associated factors in logistic regression analysis. Conclusion: The findings of the study threw light on the need for evaluation of social aspects of antenatal women; family centred maternity care and counselling services to both partners together during antenatal care delivery

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