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Injuries represent 12% of the global burden of disease, causing mortality among 1- 40yrs as the third most important cause. 25% of all deaths from injury are due to road traffic injuries according to WHO. Objectives:1. To assess knowledge regarding road safety regulations among university students.2. To assess the self-reported practices regarding road safety regulations among university students. Methodology: A descriptive survey design was adapted. The study was conducted among 150 university students of Father Muller College of Nursing by simple random sampling. Structured knowledge questionnaire and self-reported rating scale were used to collect the data. The reliability of the tool, of structured knowledge, was 0.7 and self-reported practice 0.75, was reliable. Results: Majority (45 %) of participants had good knowledge and moderately safe practices (52 %) on road safety regulations. Majority of the participants had information about road safety regulations (79 %) and source of information about road safety regulations is through media (48 %). There was a significant association between knowledge and baseline variables on parent’s monthly income of university students. There was a weak positive correlation between knowledge and selfreported practices of university students on road safety. Conclusion: It was alarming that only half (52%) had safe practices on road safety regulations

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