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Introduction: Nurses are different from other health care providers in their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice. Peer teaching is an effective teaching method for nursing students as a method of conventional classroom lectures. The present study aimed to assess the effectiveness of peer teaching on physical assessment among student nurses in a selected nursing college located in Mangalore. Methodology: An evaluative approach with the experimental post-test only design was used. 44 first-year student nurses were selected by simple random sampling and were divided into an experimental group (22) and a control group (22) by the lottery method. As an intervention, peer group demonstration was conducted to the experimental group. Post test was conducted on both groups on the effectiveness of peer teaching by skill checklist. Results: The study revealed that 45.45% of the participants were excellent, and 54.55% were good in terms of skill after adopting peer teaching. The ‘t’ test (t43= 8.26, p < .05) revealed that peer teaching was highly effective in developing skill among student nurses. Conclusion: The findings of the study concluded that peer teaching is an effective teaching method among student nurses.

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