Manipal Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences

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Adjustment and Self-esteem among Novice B Sc. Nursing Students of Udupi District


Background: Everyone makes a lot of adjustments to lead a good life. The atmosphere in college plays an important role in developing the self-esteem of the students. Objective: To find the correlation between adjustment and selfesteem among novice B.Sc. Nursing students. Methods: The study was conducted with 196 first year B.Sc. Nursing students using correlative study design. A convenient sampling technique was adopted. Socio-demographic proforma, adjustment assessment inventory and state self-esteem scale were used to collect the data. Results: The findings of the study revealed that among 196 students, 119 (60.7%) had a moderate adjustment, 50 (25.5%) had a good adjustment and 27 (13.8%) of the students had a poor adjustment. Majority of the students, 169 (86.20%) had good self-esteem and 27 (13.80%) had poor self-esteem. A significant relationship was found between adjustment and self-esteem (r=0.615, p=.000). A significant association was also found between gender, monthly family income and adjustment. Conclusion: Students who leave home for the first time to stay in hostels and study, faced challenges in adjusting to the various demands compared to students who Were natives and did not stay in hostels while studying Therefore, much more effort is needed to settle those students in a new environment