Manipal Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences

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Electronic Surveillance systems for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs): Prerequisite in healthcare


Abstract: The surveillance of HAI involves the systematic collation of HAI data, analysis and transformation into information and disseminating to those related who can take necessary action to combat HAI. HAIs pose a major problem today within healthcare. Detecting HAI poses the main challenge in healthcare. In the face of limited resources, surveillance in its traditional format is labour intensive. During the last few decades, healthcare-related infections impose a major burden on healthcare seekers. Conversely, with the use of information technology, substantial efforts have been made to improve the efficacy of HAI surveillance. This review highlights the progress made in the electronic surveillance for HAIs and its importance to limit HAI in healthcare. In summary, E- HAI surveillance has not reached a mature stage, and it is yet to be utilized routinely in most healthcare settings across the world