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Introduction: For the effective delivery of mental health care, knowledge and awareness regarding mental illness has to be increased in the general population. Mental health has to be a concern for all of us, rather than only for those who feel pain from a psychological disorder. Objective: To determine the level of knowledge of mental health and mental illness among students of selected health professional colleges. Methods: The research approach was quantitative and descriptive survey design was used. The population in this study comprised of 385 first year students of selected health professional colleges who were selected through convenience sampling. Socio-demographic proforma and knowledge questionnaire on mental health and mental illness were the instruments used to collect the data. Results: Eighteen students (4.7%) had low knowledge, 217 (56.3%) had average knowledge and 150 (39%) had high knowledge of mental health and mental illness. Conclusion: Awareness regarding etiology, signs and symptoms, treatment on mental illness and developing a positive attitude towards mentally ill patients is essential for the health professional students.

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