Manipal Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences

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Assessment and oral care: An essential nursing activity for patients receiving cancer treatment



Head and neck radiation therapy and chemoradiation are inherently associated with severe oral complications such as oral mucositis, infection, and functional issues of the oral cavity, significantly affecting the quality of oral cavity health in cancer patients. Oral care in cancer patients is a vital part of nursing care but can be seen as a most neglected job, along with other duties or a tedious task to undertake. Recognizing the effect of cancer treatment and delivery of oral care as per the specific guidelines to cancer patients is not well known, and it is not clear. Literature review reports that nurses lack specific knowledge regarding the importance of oral care in cancer patients. This review attempts to highlight the significance of oral care, assessment of the oral cavity, and systemic way of performing oral care procedures for the management of cancer patients receiving head and neck radiation therapy/chemoradiation.