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Epidemics and Pandemics: that changed the public health history


Currently, the world is experiencing one of the most disruptive pandemics in the modern history of disease and illness. As human beings became more civilized, started building cities, establishing trade routes between cities and countries, the conditions needed for these diseases to spread were greatly enhanced and hence history has recorded many more epidemics and pandemics since the advent of global travel. Many of these epidemics and pandemics have disrupted the life of common human being from BC 430(Athens Plague) until date (Covid 19). Most of the recorded epidemics in history were originated in the western world like Athens, Romans and Germans etc. Sufferings of the human beings were enormous and the destruction of the population was innumerable. There are incidences were up to 25% of the total population was devastated. For majority of the pandemics the scientists succeeded in inventing vaccines, including for COVID 19. Hence the pandemics and epidemics have helped human being to change their living pattern, adapt to changes and accommodate to healthy habits.

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