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Introduction: In developing countries, maternal and new-born mortality and morbidity rates can be reduced with apt contraceptive usage. This study aimed to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practices regarding contraception among married women

Methods: A descriptive study was conducted among 110 married women attending Obstetrics & Gynaecology OPD of AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

Result: The mean ± S.D. age of participants was 29.13±3.51 years. About half of the women (50.9%) had poor knowledge of contraception. More than half of women (65.17%) had a positive attitude on contraceptive use; however, only 24% of the subjects used a contraceptive, the most preferred contraceptive being oral pills (37.5%). The knowledge and attitude were positively correlated (r=0.164, p

Conclusion: Despite the positive attitude, most women had inadequate knowledge and utilization of contraception, implying the need to educate women of the reproductive age group for the efficient utilization of contraceptive services to better their reproductive health.

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