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Globally, Cardio[ES[M1] [m2] vascular diseases (CVDs) are of major concern. The current pandemic situation of COVID 19 infection has further hiked the burden of cardiovascular problems.

Since India has a large number of cases with cardiovascular problems the interlink between the COVID 19 infection and CVD has greatly challenged the field of medicine.[ES[M3] [m4] Also, the surge in COVID-19 cases in India hampered the regular follow-up of individuals with cardiovascular problems resulting in people seeking health care services only when the health condition gets deteriorated and in need of emergency medical aid. The main reason for this declined rates of people seeking health care services is due to the unavailability of transportation access and fear of catching COVID-19 in hospitals which is evident with the positive trend in Acute Coronary Syndrome paralleling the pandemic trend (Ramakrishnan et al., 2020). When they come in such a situation to the hospital, in the process of COVID 19 protocol management in the hospital, they become the high risk group for being tested positive for the COVID 19 infection. The interaction between the drugs used in the management of COVID infection and the cardiovascular problems is another major area of concern. With the variant nature of the Corona Virus, cases have surged leading to increased mortality and one of the major causes for mortality being Cardiovascular complications (Guha et al., 2020). The aim of this article is to reflect on the effect of cardiovascular morbidity on COVID 19 infection and the cardiovascular outcome of COVID positive patients in India.

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