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Effect of Breastfeeding Support Initiative on knowledge, Breast engorgement, and Newborn feeding behavior among post-cesarean mothers



Delayed breastfeeding, improper breastfeeding techniques such as difficulties in holding the baby, posture, and sucking, and poor knowledge and skills on breastfeeding leads to breast engorgement and poor feeding. The breastfeeding support initiative is a unique program encouraging lactation to improve breastfeeding and prevent complications


To determine the effect of the breastfeeding support initiative on the knowledge of breastfeeding, breast engorgement, and newborn feeding behavior among post-cesarean mothers.


We conducted a Quasi-experimental study among 60 post-cesarean mothers at a selected tertiary hospital in Bhubaneswar, India. Postnatal mothers (30 in the experimental and 30 in the control group) who underwent cesarean section and satisfied the inclusion criteria were included through a consecutive sampling technique. We assessed the pre-and post-test knowledge using a knowledge questionnaire, breast engorgement using a standardized 6-point Breast engorgement scale, and Newborn feeding behavior using a Standardized Latch scale.


The findings revealed a significant difference between the groups' post-test level of knowledge, breast engorgement, and latch score. There was a negative correlation between breast engorgement and newborn feeding behavior. There was an association of parity with breast engorgement


The present study implies that the Breastfeeding Support Initiative enhanced knowledge regarding breastfeeding that helps prevent breast engorgement and improve newborn feeding behavior.

Keywords: postpartum period, lactation, abdominal delivery, C-section, infant



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