Manipal Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences


Ph D Research Scholar


Introduction: Autism Spectrum Disorder requires management from multiple health professionals at various settings during the course of treatment. Interprofessional collaborative practice has been identified as one of the promising methods of care for an all-round healthcare management.

Objective: Collate empirical evidence on interprofessional education among healthcare professionals in providing care for children with autism

Method: Search will be conducted from five databases against the selected criteria. Review will be restricted to studies in English between 2001 to 2020 only. Two independent reviewers will scrutinize the abstract and title, and every study document retrieved will be investigated as full text only. Discrepancies will be resolved through unanimous agreement or decision by third reviewer.

Results: Studies will be scrutinized for design, setting, health professionals involved, sample size, sampling method, method of data collection and analysis, findings and outcomes. Reporting will be done using the PRISMA guidelines.

Conclusion: Review intends to investigate availability of studies that identify the effects of care provided to children with autism by professionals trained by interprofessional education, to highlight its need for care and to explore if these methods have any differences in outcomes in relation to standard care.



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