Manipal Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences


The present research work focusses on the improvement and assessment of ophthalmic medication delivery system based on the idea of pH dependent in situ gelation for betaxolol hydrochloride (betaxolol HCl), an anti-glaucoma operator, to conquer the issues of poor bioavailability and therapeutic response showed by conventional formulations based a sol-to-gel change in the parkway up on instillation. Carbopol 940 was utilized as pH sensitive gelling agent alongside HPMC as consistency upgrading specialist. Plans were assessed for pH, clearness, sedate substance, gelling limit, and in-vitro drug discharge. The defined framework was clear in appearance; pH of framework was inside scope of 5.1 – 5.6 and gave supported arrival of the medication over an eight-hour time span. The created framework in this manner is a reasonable option to customary eye drops and can be utilized as an in-situ gelling vehicle to improve ocular bioavailability and the reduction in the recurrence of instillation along these lines bringing better patient compliance.