Manipal Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Pharmacovigilance (PV) offers plenty of opportunities for career development in pharmaceutical industry. With increased number of drugs and biologics entering the market and enhanced drugs safety regulatory framework, need for skilled resources to carry out PV activities has gained importance. Increased drug safety awareness has also demanded robust yet cost-effective PV systems and operations. As a result of this, PV outsourcing has gained momentum, thus, increasing job opportunities. The PV market has recently seen an exponential growth. PV as a science is now well-established in the biopharmaceutical industry as well. A typical PV operation will have various functional units such as Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) Processing, Medical Review, Literature Search and Review, Aggregate Report Preparation, Signal Detection, Pharmaco-epidemiology and Risk Management, Labelling, and Qualified Person for PV (QPPV or QP). Multiple other interface functions support and empower PV functional units or vice versa. Any aspiring PV professional is required to possess both technical and soft skills. Academically, the candidate should hold a degree in life science, nursing, pharmacy or medicine. A previous industry experience is of great value. Additionally, candidates should also possess essential soft skills. A career in PV is equally or more fulfilling than any other allied healthcare career because the work focused on patient safety involves collecting and analyzing safety data for a large number of medicinal products. This article aims to enlighten job aspirants regarding various aspects related to choosing and pursuing a career in PV