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The development that has taken place in automobiles over the past decades is tremendous. A number of sophisticated sensors and actuators have been installed to monitor the satisfactory working of an automobile. The pressure sensor present in a tyre helps to monitor continuously the air pressure. The present study is focused on modelling of Cavity-Less Pressure Sensor for sensing the air pressure inside a tyre. Silicone Rubber filled with Barium Titanate composite material is considered a soft dielectric material for the sensor. The sensor is modelled using an analytical method and Bond Graph modelling technique. The influence of volume fraction of Barium Titanate on the performance of sensor is studied. The highest sensitivity of 0.70 fF/kPa is obtained for a composite material made up of 1 mm thickness and 15% Barium Titanate volume fraction for the sensor. The results of the Bond Graph model are in good agreement with the analytical model. The sensitivity is found to be increased by nearly 50% when a neat Silicone Rubber is substituted with a composite material.

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