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This paper introduces a new framework for the location and determination of momentum forcing terms in a discrete forcing type immersed boundary method for calculating flow around the irregular shaped bodies. The proposed method is of discrete forcing type, simple, and convenient to apply. The momentum forces are calculated at the forcing points coinciding with the boundary or in the solid body using the velocities at the corresponding mirror points about the boundary in the fluid region. The velocity at forcing points is imposed to have the no- slip condition on the boundary satisfied. The equations governing the fluid flow are solved using the two-step fractional-step procedure. It is found that the proposed method satisfies the boundary conditions accurately and gives fairly accurate results even though the special treatment is not considered for the virtual cells in the Poisson equation for pressure. The standard bench-mark problem flow over a cylinder is simulated by developing an in-house code. The method is verified by comparing drag coefficient, lift coefficient, and wake length with those available in the literature.

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