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The driver’s seat is a vital element in any car, but it is also a sophisticated system with several parts, adjustments, and safety features. A poorly built driving seat has an impact on the driver’s health and mental state. The three important goals for any driver seat are the safety of the driver, comfort, and health. Despite the availability of several technologies, the car seating sector has had little success in quantifying comfort. Iteration’s time and cost may be justified if the procedure was assured to result in a comfortable seat. This study emphasizes the value of using the overall comfort index as an objective measure to increase the efficiency with which the driver seats are created. It elucidates the methods and standards used to create a comfortable driver seat. This is the component of the car with which you will have the greatest interaction, and the level of comfort in the seat has a significant impact on the whole driving experience. As customer expectations rise, the importance of having a comfortable driver’s seat grows. As a result, the development of more comfortable seats is a hot topic in the automotive industry right now.

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