MAHE Student Research Forum or MAHE-SRF is an active body dedicated to developing and instilling research interest among students of MAHE. MAHE-SRF was established in October 2013 and operates under the aegis of the Directorate of Research (DoR), MAHE, Manipal. The body is comprised of students (undergraduates and postgraduates) and research scholars from MAHE's constituent institutions, research centers, and divisions located on various campuses of the university throughout India. Through a variety of activities, this student-centered academic forum works towards the consistent professional development of the university's student community.

MRC 2023 is one of three major events organized by MAHE SRF, the other two being the Summer School Program, which will begin in May, and the Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR), scheduled to take place in November 2023.

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