Use of Videos and Digital Media in Parent-implemented Interventions for Parents of Children with Primary Speech Sound And/or Language Disorders: A Scoping Review

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Journal of Child and Family Studies


No review to date has focused on evaluating the use of videos and digital media in parent-implemented interventions for parents of children with primary language or speech sound disorder (LD/SSD). Research objectives guiding this scoping review included an evaluation of (a) use of videos and/or other digital media in parent-implemented interventions; (b) use of videos and/or other digital media in asynchronous content; (c) the role of the parent as learner; and (d) the program impact on parents and children. This review followed a five-stage framework: (a) identify research questions; (b) identify relevant studies; (c) select studies; (d) chart the data; and (e) collate, summarize and report the results. Ten studies were included. No program included parents of children with speech disorders. One fully asynchronous program was identified, though many programs included videos concurrent with direct instruction. No study described the parent as learner and only four studies examined parent satisfaction and perceptions. These four studies directly measured specific parent behavior and results indicated that the programs had a positive impact on parents’ interactions. Nine of the ten studies included child outcomes. This low volume of studies suggests limited work in this area. The review describes research gaps and future directions.

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