A study on implementation of ‘Kuposhan Mukt Gujarat Maha-Abhiyan’ (KMGA) in Vadodara district, Gujarat

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Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health


Introduction: The world's one-third of children with severe acute malnutrition continue to live in India. This study focuses on the function and implementation of the ‘Kuposhan Mukt Gujarat Maha-Abhiyan’ (KMGA) program aimed at treating children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in Vadodara district. Method: The present study aims to explore the healthcare provider's and beneficiary's opinions and perceptions about the execution of the program by adopting a cross-sectional study design with the help of the qualitative interview guide. The research was conducted from January to June 2019, in Vadodara district. In-depth, face to face interviews was performed for acquiring relevant information. Data analysis was done by using qualitative analysis software ATLAS.ti version 8. Results: The results suggest programs' in-general acceptability, sustainability, and economical durability. The study results revealed several facilitators such as community involvement, appropriately given incentives, a child's proper response, doorstep services, and some challenges like cultural practices, limited awareness, and low income of the family. The study results also indicated the positive approach for hospital-based management, where primary importance is given to the empowering mothers, which can further lead to gradual behavioral change in the community. Conclusion: The research highlights the importance of healthcare providers to work responsibly and unitedly and of more participation, acceptance, and contribution of the beneficiaries for the program's success.

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