Modeling and Control of Tray Temperature Along with Column Pressure in a Pilot Plant Distillation Column

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SN Computer Science


A simple control technique based on centralized and decentralized structure is discussed here for a tray temperature along with pressure developed inside the column for a pilot plant distillation column. The flow rate of vapor condenser cooling water is used to control the pressure (P) developed inside the column. The flow rate of the water to condense the vapor increases, when the column pressure increases and vice versa. Some of the other factor that has an impact on the column pressure is the boil-up rate, rate of reflux ow, feed rate, set point change in composition. The internal reflux and the speed of the vapor through the column gets affected by the pressure developed. There exists a strong interaction between the two interdependent variables pressure and temperature. The goal is to regulate the temperature and pressure near the bottom tray by nominally manipulating the reflux flow and boilup rate.



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