Infection control measures, in situ simulation, and failure modes and effect analysis to fine-tune change management during COVID-19

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Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was an impetus for a multitude of transformations - from the ever-changing clinical practice frameworks, to changes in our execution of education and research. It called for our decisiveness, innovativeness, creativity, and adaptability in many circumstances. Even as care for our patients was always top priority, we tried to integrate, where possible, educational and research activities in order to ensure these areas continue to be harnessed and developed. COVID-19 provided a platform that stretched our ingenuity in all these domains. One of the mnemonics we use at SingHealth in responding to crisis is PACERS: P: Preparedness (in responding to any crisis, this is critical) A: Adaptability (needed especially with the ever-changing situation) C: Communications (the cornerstone in handling any crisis) E: Education (must continue, irrespective of what) R: Research (new opportunities to share and learn) S: Support (both physical and psychological). This article shares our experience integrating the concept of simulation-based training, quality improvement, and failure mode analysis.

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