Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and related Behaviour Change Communication strategies in Bangladesh, Nepal and India: A narrative review

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Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health


Aim: The review was conducted to collate the evidence on the current status of “Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health” (RMNCAH) and related Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) interventions in RMNCAH in South Asia, particularly Bangladesh, Nepal and India. Methods: Literature search was conducted on multiple databases and websites in March 2019. The search was limited to English language publications. The data on health indicators for the eight South Asian countries are compared in the review. This review narratively summarises the key RMNCAH and related BCC initiatives undertaken in Bangladesh, Nepal and India. Results: The South Asian countries have achieved significant progress in socio-economic indicators related to health aligned with the Millennium Development Goals but face a number of challenges. There has been a significant development in financial incentives, programmes and policies framed for improving indicators of maternal and child health. Various RMNCAH initiatives which impact positively on maternal and child health indicators were identified. Conclusion: Bangladesh, Nepal and India have made substantial improvement in maternal and child health indicators but at a slower pace than other countries of South Asia, in relation to which consistent disparities still exist. There are a number of BCC initiatives targeting RMNCAH. The improvement in RMNCAH indicators can be attributed to multiple initiatives wherein the contribution of BCC is relevant, because of their wide community outreach and effectiveness among all age-groups.

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