Fans’ Attachment to Players in the Indian Premier League: Insights from Twitter Analytics

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IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology


Sports in India are gradually gaining traction, and people are more and more inclined towards various other sports apart from cricket. Even though several sporting leagues are currently running in India, the attention and viewership that the Indian Premier League (IPL) enjoys are unmatchable. Social media posts and the growing viewership on TV and Over the Top (OTT) platforms are evidence of this. This research investigates the level of attachment of the fans with the players of their favorite team. We study the opinions of fans through the tweets extracted during the IPL players auctions held in the preseason of the thirteenth edition of the IPL. The fans were very active on social media, airing their views about the various players available in the auction for their team to buy, indicating high team identification. In total, 15,374 tweets that were extracted and processed confirmed the same. Further, using System Dynamics (SD) methodology, we develop a causal loop linking the various parameters of importance in the IPL ecosystem that could help the league and the team managers to understand the importance of player attachment among the fans better. This study is the first in the context of IPL that uses the System Dynamics methodology to justify the findings of twitter analytics.

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