Clinical biomechanics and its implications on diabetic foot

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Clinical Biomechanics and its Implications on Diabetic Foot


This book presents essential information on biomechanical features of the diabetic foot, which could help to minimize the risk of future diabetic foot problems. India has recently been classified as the ‘diabetic capital’ of the world. Type 2 diabetes mellitus has become a serious concern for Indian society, where the prevalence rate is increasing exponentially. Similarly, the comorbidities and foot complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus are worsening day by day. Of all complications, diabetes peripheral neuropathy is the most common, and leads to foot deformities, pain, altered sensation, loss of foot arch, etc. The ultimate fate can even be gangrene and amputation. Accordingly, foot complications of diabetes represent a pressing medical issue. Sharing insights into diabetic foot syndrome, its causative factors, prevention and management, this book offers a valuable resource for medical and paramedical students, researchers, podiatrists, surgeons, and physicians alike.

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