An IoT based SMART patient health monitoring system

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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Smart and connected health care is of specific significance in the spectrum of applications enabled the Internet of Things (IoT). Networked sensors, either embedded inside our living system or worn on the body, enable to gather rich information regarding our physical and mental health. In specific, the accessibility of information at previously unimagined scales and spatial longitudes combined with the new generation of smart processing algorithms can expedite an advancement in the medical field, from the current post-facto diagnosis and treatment of reactive framework, to an early-stage proactive paradigm for disease prognosis combined with prevention and cure as well as overall administration of well-being rather than ailment. This paper sheds some light on the current methods accessible in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain for healthcare applications. The proposed objective is to design and create a healthcare system centered on Mobile-IoT by collecting patient information from different sensors and alerting both the guardian and the doctor by sending emails and SMS in a timely manner. It remotely monitors the physiological parameters of the patient and diagnoses the illnesses swiftly.

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