Practice Patterns of Audiologists Involved in Assessment and Management of Vestibular Disorders: An Indian Cross-Sectional Survey

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International Tinnitus Journal


Background: As the incidence of vestibular disorders continues to rise, the role of the audiologists in assessing and providing effective intervention has become increasingly important. To date, there have been no studies investigating the practice patterns of Indian audiologists towards the assessment and management of vestibular disorders. Method: An electronic survey consisting of 29 questions across demographics, vestibular assessment, and management emailed to 704 members of the Indian Speech and Hearing Association (ISHA). Additionally, the questionnaire was circulated to audiologists through social media groups. The participants were provided with a two weeks’ time limit for completing the survey. Results: 704 participants were contacted to take part in the survey, and only 243 responses were received resulting in a 34.66 % response rate. Among the 243 participants who responded, 127 participants were currently not involved in the assessment and/or management of vestibular disorders in India. The responses were analyzed descriptively according to each section of the questionnaire. The study also sheds light on vestibular assessment, rehabilitation trends, and perceived barriers/facilitators among Indian audiologists. Conclusion: We observed major discrepancies between practice patterns of audiologists in India. Like any other developing nation, India has challenges of its own. Proper planning in terms of resource allocation is needed to address the barriers in access to instrumentation, and limited workforce.

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