The effect of artificial intelligence on the sales graph in Indian market

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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the biggest revolution of the 21st century impacting every aspect of the business, sales being no different. The paper experiments the effect of marketing on 4500 customers using AI and humans. The outcomes of the research reveal the effectiveness of AI is the same as experienced salesmen and 2.7 times better than inexperienced salesmen is closing the sales calls. The sales graph experienced a dip by over 86.23% when it was revealed to the customer that the interface is with the machine, not humans and reduced the duration of the call substantially. The paper shows that Indians do not believe Artificial Intelligence and still prefer human interface as they do not trust machines over human emotions. The effectiveness of AI drastically reduces despite its superiority over humans in various aspects. The paper identifies the strategies to overcome the trust deficit that exists among Indian customers. The outcomes show how AI can be used, and how marketing could be done using AI in conservative markets such as India.

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