An integrated approach for identification of a panel of candidate genes arbitrated for invasion and metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma

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Scientific Reports


Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is known for its aggressiveness associated with poor prognosis. The molecular mechanisms underlying the invasion and metastasis are still poorly understood. An improved understanding of these mechanisms shall precede the development of new diagnostic tools and targeted therapies. We report an integrated approach using bioinformatics to predict candidate genes, coupled with proteomics and immunohistochemistry for validating their presence and involvement in OSCC pathways heralding invasion and metastasis. Four genes POSTN, TNC, CAV1 and FSCN1 were identified. A protein–protein interaction network analysis teamed with pathway analysis led us to propose the role of the identified genes in invasion and metastasis in OSCC. Further analyses of archived FFPE blocks of various grades of oral cancer was carried out using TMT-based mass spectrometry and immunohistochemistry. Results of this study expressed a strong communiqué and interrelationship between these candidate genes. This study emphasizes the significance of a molecular biomarker panel as a diagnostic tool and its correlation with the invasion and metastatic pathway of OSCC. An insight into the probable association of CAF's and these biomarkers in the evolution and malignant transformation of OSCC further magnifies the molecular-biological spectrum of OSCC tumour microenvironment.



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