Effect of family-centered care interventions on motor and neurobehavior development of very preterm infants: a protocol for systematic review

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Background: Globally, very preterm birth is a health concern leading to various developmental difficulties such as poor motor and/or cognitive function. For infants born very preterm, family-centered care (FCC) might promote developmental skills over the time in an appropriate enriched environment. The purpose of this study is to systematically review and assess the evidence of FCC interventions on the motor and neurobehavioral development in very preterm infants. Additionally, this review aims to determine the factors that might affect infant development. Methods: Systematic review will be carried out by including (a) quasi-randomized controlled trials and randomized controlled trials (b) of very preterm born infants (born < 32 weeks of gestation), and their primary caregivers will be included in the review (c) who received FCC-based interventions such as collaborative interaction between a healthcare professional and a parent, home program, home visits, and parent education, and (d) measure motor and neurobehavioral function. Electronic databases such as Scopus, PubMed, Embase, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, CINAHL, and PsycINFO will be searched using database-specific terms. Additionally, searches will be carried out in ProQuest, and references of included studies will be searched. Two review authors, independently, will conduct the screening, data extraction, and critical appraisal of included studies. If possible, a meta-analysis will be undertaken to assess the effect of the FCC on the motor and neurobehavior of premature infants. Conclusion: The review will provide insights regarding the effect of the FCC on preterm infants. This systematic review will guide the clinicians on the feasibility of practicing FCC that might support and promote the integration of parents into various rehabilitation settings. Systematic review registration: Protocol has been registered in PROSPERO on August 26, 2020.



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