Assessment of determinants of behavioral problems among primary school children in Mangalore city of South India

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Current Psychology


The primary aim of this study addresses a key question relating to the identification of the determinants of behavioral problems among primary school children. The secondary aim was to suggest remedial measures among teachers on how to deal with behavioral problems among students. An assessment of students studying from Class 2 to 5 was taken by the teachers using the Rutter Children Behavior Questionnaire to identify the ones with behavioral problems. Determinants of behavioral problems were identified using a self-administered questionnaire filled by the mothers of these children. Finally discussion on various findings of this study were done among the primary school teachers through a focus group discussion. Suggestions on how to deal with these problems were given to the teachers. Out of the 750 students who took part in this study, 65(8.7%) were identified by their teachers to have behavioral problems. Children whose biological parents were not currently married, those reported to have undergone physical harm routinely as a disciplinary measure, those with maternal history of inadequate diet during the related antenatal period and those belonging to nuclear families had behavioral problems in multivariable analysis. Adequate nutritional care need to be taken during early developmental years and correct disciplinary methods need to be advised to prevent behavioral problems among children.

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