Evaluation of the mechanical characteristics of hygrothermally aged 2-D basalt-aramid/epoxy hybrid interply composites

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series


Polymer composites used in outdoor applications are exposed to environmental factors such as temperature and moisture which may affect the mechanical performance of the composites. In this study, the influence of moisture absorption on the mechanical properties of basalt-aramid/epoxy hybrid interply composites were evaluated. Two different types hybrid interply composites were taken for the investigation namely (301A/03B/301A) and (451A/03B/451A). Composites were prepared using compression molding process and cut specimens were subjected to three different ageing environments for 180 days. Selected ageing conditions are, (i) ambient temperature ageing (ii) Sub-zero temperature ageing (-10°C) and (iii) Humid temperature ageing (40°C and 60% Relative humidity). Mechanical tests of the aged composites were carried out to analyse the behaviour of the composites. Moisture uptake of the specimens follow Fick's law of diffusion with saturation absorption of 5.44%, 3.12% and 1.80% for ambient, sub-zero and humid specimens respectively. Results revealed that (301A/03B/301A) aged composites possess higher mechanical properties compared to (451A/03B/451A) aged composites. Highest reduction in properties were observed in ambient aged specimens followed by humid and sub-zero specimens. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was employed to observe the damage modes of the fractured specimens. Matrix deterioration, micro cracks and fibre fracture were the major types of failures observed in aged laminates.



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