Integrative analysis to identify genes associated with stemness and immune infiltration in glioblastoma

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It is imperative to identify the mechanisms that confer stemness to the cancer cells for more effective targeting. Moreover, there are not many studies on the link between stemness characteristics and the immune response in tumours. Therefore, in the current study involving GBM, we started with the study of BIRC5 (one of the rare genes differentially expressed in normal and cancer cells) and CXCR4 (gene involved in the survival and proliferation of CSCs). Together, these genes have not been systematically explored. We used a set of 27 promoter methylated regions in GBM. Our analysis showed that four genes corresponding to these regions, namely EOMES, BDNF, HLA-A, and PECAM1, were involved with BIRC5 and CXCR4. Interestingly, we found EOMES to be very significantly involved in stemness and immunology and it was positively correlated to CXCR4. Additionally, BDNF, which was significant in methylation, was negatively correlated to BIRC5.



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