Majorana zero modes and bulk-boundary correspondence at quantum criticality

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Journal of the Physical Society of Japan


Majorana zero modes are well studied in the gapped phases of topological systems. We investigate Majorana zero modes at the topological quantum criticality in one dimensional topological superconducting model with longer range interaction. We identify stable localized Majorana zero modes appearing at criticality under certain conditions. Topological invariant number for these non-trivial criticalities is obtained from zeros of a complex function associated with the Hamiltonian. Behavior of parametric curve at criticalities validate the invariant obtained and account for the appearance of Majorana zero modes at criticality. Trivial and non-trivial topological nature of criticality due to the presence of multicritical point cause an unusual topological transition along the critical line. We observe and investigate this unique transition in terms of eigenvalue spectrum. Appearance of MZMs at criticality demands integer value of topological invariant number in order to validate the concept of bulk-boundary correspondence. Hence we propose a scheme to separate the invariant number into fractional and integer contribution to establish bulk-boundary correspondence at criticality.



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