Challenges perceived by health care providers for implementation of contact screening and isoniazid chemoprophylaxis in Karnataka, India

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Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease


Background: In India, challenges in pediatric TB contact screening and chemoprophylaxis initiation are still underexplored. Elucidating these challenges will help in better implementation of the programme at the grass-roots level thereby helping in early detection of pediatric cases and timely initiation of preventive therapy. This study aimed at exploring the challenges faced by the health care provider in contact screening and chemoprophylaxis initiation implementation of the pediatric household contacts. Methods: A qualitative study was conducted in the districts of Bengaluru and Udupi and in-depth interviews of key participants were adopted to explore the challenges. Qualitative data analysis was done after developing transcripts by generating themes and codes. Results: The key challenges were identified as stigma towards the disease, migrant patients with changing address, difficulty in sample collection, anxiety among parents due to long duration of the prophylactic treatment and adherence to IPT is not well documented, inadequate transportation from rural areas, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Conclusions: It is important for the National TB programme to address these challenges efficiently and effectively. Innovative solutions, feasible engagements, and massive efforts are to be taken by the programme to improve contact screening and isoniazid chemoprophylaxis implementation.



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