Topological quantum phase transitions and criticality in a longer-range Kitaev chain

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Physical Review B


In an attempt to theoretically investigate the quantum phase transition and criticality in topological models, we study a Kitaev chain with longer-range couplings (finite number of neighbors) as well as truly long-range couplings (infinite number of neighbors). We carry out an extensive topological characterization of the momentum space to explore the possibility of obtaining higher order winding numbers and analyze the nature of their stability in the model. The occurrences of phase transitions from even-to-even and odd-to-odd winding numbers are observed with decreasing longer-rangeness in the system. We derive topological quantum critical lines and study them to understand the behavior of criticality. A suppression of higher order winding numbers is observed with decreasing longer-rangeness in the model. We show that the mechanism behind such phenomena is due to the superposition and vanishing of the topological quantum critical lines associated with the higher winding number. Through the study of the Berry connection, we show the possible different behaviors of critical lines when they undergo superposition along with the corresponding critical exponents. We analyze the behavior of the long-range models through the momentum space characterization. We also provide the exact solution for the problem and discuss the experimental aspects of the work.



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