Platelet lysate for COVID-19 pneumonia-a newer adjunctive therapeutic avenue

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Stem Cell Investigation


The linchpin for COVID-19 pathogenesis is the severe inflammatory process in the respiratory tract wherein the accumulation of excessive cytokines paves the way for a series of systemic hemodynamic alterations and mortality. The mortality rate is higher in individuals with co-morbidities and advancing age. The absence of a specific therapy is responsible for this uncontrolled spread and the significant mortality. This renders potential insight for considering biologics as a plausible option to repair and regenerate the affected lung tissue and pulverize the causative organism. The plausible role of megakaryocytes against invading microbes was not clearly understood. Platelet lysate is an acellular product consisting of regenerative molecules released from a cluster of platelets. It attenuates the changes caused by immune reactions in allogenic utility with the introduction of growth factors, cytokines, and proteins at supraphysiologic levels and thereby serves as a regenerative immunomodulatory agent to combat COVID-19. This platelet lysate can be used in nebulized form for such acute respiratory distress conditions in COVID-19 elderly patients. Platelet lysate may emerge as a pivotal player provided investigations pace up in this context. Here, we discuss how the platelet lysate can plausibly perquisite to relegate COVID-19. Undertaking prospective randomized controlled trials to prove its efficacy is the need of the hour in this pandemic scenario.



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