The hemodynamics of variable liquid properties on the MHD peristaltic mechanism of Jeffrey fluid with heat and mass transfer

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Alexandria Engineering Journal


The current work intends to look into the effects of variable liquid properties on the magnetohydrodynamics of peristaltic flow exhibited by Jeffrey fluid through a compliant-walled channel. In order to make realistic approximations for the flow characteristics of blood, the channel is considered to be inclined and porous. Furthermore, convective boundary conditions and concentration slip have been employed in the analysis. The mathematical formulation is established on the grounds of low Reynolds number and long wavelength approximations. Perturbation solution is obtained for the resulting non-linear differential equations of momentum and energy for small values of variable viscosity and variable thermal conductivity, whereas exact solution is found for the concentration field. The impact of various parameters included in the study is displayed graphically. A rise in the parameter for variable viscosity is found to accelerate the fluid flow, hence resulting in an increased bolus size. For variable thermal conductivity, a similar influence on the heat transfer was observed. The behaviour of the skin-friction coefficient, Nusselt and Sherwood numbers have also been plotted for the pertinent parameters.

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