The scope of acoustic impedance matching of hybrid fiber metal laminates for shielding applications

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Journal of King Saud University - Engineering Sciences


In a multi-layered shielding material, the sequence of the arrangement of the layers affects the extent of insulation to acoustic waves. In the current work, hybrid composite laminates have been taken up comprising 10 sequences, employing metallic faceplate (AA6061), paperboard, ballistic-grade aramid and ultra-high molecular weight polyethene (UHMWPE) fabrics with an epoxy binder. In the theoretical studies, an analytical model for the transmission loss function has been developed by incorporating the multiple wave reflection principle in combination with interface-wise acoustic impedance grading. The analytical model has been validated using the transmission loss functions from numerical and experimental studies on the different sequences. The numerical simulation has been carried out using the harmonic acoustic analysis module, on Ansys R19.0. The experimentation has been carried out on an impedance tube. The results from the analytical model are in good agreement with the experimental and numerical simulation results, the analytical model can be used for predicting the transmission losses of composite laminates.



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