The beginning of a new era: Artificial intelligence in healthcare

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Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin


The healthcare sector is considered to be one of the largest and fast-growing industries in the world. Innovations and novel approaches have always remained the prime aims in order to bring massive development. Before the emergence of technology, the healthcare sector was dependent on manpower, which was time-consuming and less accurate with lack of efficiency. With the recent advancements in machine learning, the condition has been steadily revolutionizing. Artificial intelligence (AI) lies in the computer science department, which stresses on the intelligent machines’ creation, that work and react just like human beings. Currently, the applications of AI have been expanding into those fields, which was once thought to be the only domain of human expertise such as healthcare sector. In this review, we have shed light on the present usage of AI in the healthcare sector, such as its working, and the way this system is being implemented in different domains, such as drug discovery, diagnosis of diseases, clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, and nanotechnology. We have also briefly touched upon its applications in other sectors as well. The public opinions have also been analyzed and discussed along with the future prospects. We have discussed the merits, and the other side of AI, i.e. the disadvantages in the last part of the manuscript.

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