Experimental investigation and empirical modelling of thermal and drive current effect on optical performance of commercial LEDs

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Lighting Research and Technology


Light-emitting diode is the most dominant lighting technology, and lumen output performance is dependent on junction temperature and operating drive current. An experimental analysis is performed to study the thermal and drive current effect on lumen output, and an empirical model is developed to determine the optimum operating conditions of temperature and drive current so as to obtain a maximum lumen output profile. Three commercially available light-emitting diode down-lighter’s light-emitting diodes are chosen for the study. The investigation reveals that there exists an optimum drive current at which lumen output is maximum, and it has a linear relation with junction temperature. Pulse-soak testing was performed to study the deviations of pulsed and continuous operation of drive current to understand the performance of light-emitting diodes. The work helps light-emitting diode luminaire manufacturers to design a controlled power electronic circuit so as to maximize the lumen output effectively and accurately.



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